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My belief is that the stories of our past (when freed from political incentive)

carry untapped powers of guidance, healing, and nation building.

Empathy is stirred by human connection.

Human connection is inspired by story. 


As an accounting student at Stellenbosch, Michael began to recognise the gravitas of the South African story. A realisation which stirred an urge to better understand the forces which defined our nation's path. 

Accordingly, having qualified as a chartered accountant in 2004, Michael made the unorthodox decision to study history. A pursuit which would open his eyes to the complexities of the South African story, but also to the realisation that many South Africans were struggling to piece it all together, or to make any meaningful sense of it.

Armed with that insight, Michael began to ponder means to make South African history more accessible. By 2015, these ideas were sufficiently precise, prompting Michael to exit his corporate financial career and found Inherit South Africa (Pty) Ltd.


This context is central to understanding the content and structure of my stories. For my role is not that of a formal historian. Instead, my energy is invested in re-packaging existing human knowledge and wisdom into fresh, accessible formats.

At the forefront of these formats is the craft of storytelling. An age-old art-form using characters and relationships in order to tease out meaningful human truths. 

The name INHERIT SOUTH AFRICA references a belief that human history (if treated with respect) is a gift from our ancestors, offering us wisdom for a fulfilled life.

My long-term dream is to develop a central repository of beautifully crafted stories, which help people to appreciate the complexity of our past; to inspire connections between people; and to build a fresh consensus in our past, necessary if we are to consider ourselves a nation.

My intention for Inherit South Africa, is to mirror the human values I aspire to:

Warm | Understated | Authentic. 

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