I am a Capetonian with a passion for the the story of South Africa. A passion which, in the end, would gradually lure me away from the corporate roll which I spent so many years studying and training for.

Indeed a more traditional start to life I couldn’t have had. Schooled at Stellenbosch University and later the University of Cape Town, I studied finance and accounting while indulging in my two loves, rugby and reading.

Then, having qualified as a CA and spent time in a financial advisory role in the United States, I returned to Cape Town in 2007, where I embarked on a career in advertising.

In 2010, following an unorthodox project for an advertising client, I began telling stories. And by 2015, I had developed and told a number of original non-fiction stories (including


THE FIRST WORLD CHAMPIONS) always drawing my inspiration from South Africa’s remarkable history, which I was now studying through the University of South Africa.

2015 presented an opportune moment, which I took. Resigning my job as a financial director, in order to realise a decade-old idea: to make the complex history of South Africa more accessible to both visitors and South Africans through the medium of a story: MY FATHER’S COAT.

In the process I founded INHERIT SOUTH AFRICA, with the intention to continue revealing untold stories from the past for entertainment, understanding, and nation-building.