I am not a historian. Yes I studied history. But that is not what I do. And I am definitely not a “motivational speaker.”

Instead I am merely a middle man. A guide to the all that knowledge catching dust on your bookshelves. A man attempting to make the accumulated wisdom of our country accessible to people trapped in the speed of modern life.

My medium is the craft of storytelling. The art of conveying insights by inviting my audience to walk in the shoes of my characters.

A narrative carefully constructed and layered, and then sewn together with the biases and faults and genius of real human beings.


And herein lies the power. Because we are, as human beings, wired to absorb stories in a unique manner. We relate better to people than concepts. We remember how we felt, not why. We experience deep emotions by relating our own experiences to others. This is true empathy.

Indeed I have been humbled over the last five years to stare into amazing emotions in my audiences.

Emotion which opens us up as human beings so that we may forever take with us a little part of that story. A flicker of insight into the beauty of the human spirit.

I tell stories.