Steven Morris: Managing Partner – Eventful Group

A most incredible, inspiring, moving, eighty minutes.

Chris Wadman: Economist – Treasury

Michael Charton’s unique ability to bring to life the wonderful characters of the 1937 Springbok Rugby Tour to Australia and New Zealand, is the cornerstone of his presentation. Hollywood has seldom, if ever, had me more riveted for ninety minutes.

His knowledge of the topic is extraordinary, rivalled perhaps only by his pitch-perfect turn of phrase, and sense of empathy with those sporting legends now long departed. By the end of the evening I felt as if Danie Craven, Boy Louw and a merciless tackler (but otherwise gentleman) known as “Jimmy the Killer” were at least distant relatives of mine.

For enthusiasts of South African history, or rugby, or both, Michael’s presentation is a absolute treat. I really can’t wait to round up twenty mates to take to the next one.

Justin Nurse: Founder – Laugh it Off

Michael is an authority and an inspiration. His commanding presence will have you enthralled. He speaks about the 1937 Springboks with a pace and passion that makes you feel like you were one of the green and gold.

Never have I felt so proudly patriotic as I did listening to Michael; joyfully reliving one of the greatest ever rugby contests played out before I was even alive.

Roy Edge: Managing Partner – BDO Pretoria

Outstanding! Reminds me of David Rattray and his takes on the Zulu wars.

Grant Bodley: CEO – Dimension Data (AMEA)

This is an inspiring story about people as much as it is about rugby. Michael introduces the listener to a whole new world, and reignites one’s passion for the game of rugby, as well as the great rivalry of the Springboks and All Blacks.

It is a must-see experience whether you are a rugby supporter or not. There are many invaluable life-lessons to be learnt.

Lauren Simpkin (BDO Wealth client)

The best presentation I have ever seen.

Sven Koenig: Head – Investec Property Cape Town

Michael entertained a group of select Investec clients with his rendition of the 1937 Springbok tour to New Zealand. It was an outstanding event thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.

Michael is an excellent narrator with great knowledge of his topic and for any rugby enthusiast listening to him is wonderfully entertaining.

Robert Fleck: Ex-Springbok

Michael’s brilliant rendition of story behind the 1937 Springboks brought to life an era I knew little about. His style sucks you into the story and one forgets until the very end, that all that remains of these memorable characters is their legacy.

It is a very proud South African story and I only wish I had this level of context into the sport and the All Black rivalry while I was still a player.

Lisa Griffiths: Associate Director – BDO Wealth CT

Michael’s presentation was truly exceptional and the audience was enthralled from beginning to the very end. I can confirm that this was our most successful client function to date.

Barry Curtin: CFO – Dimension

Data (AMEA)

1937 is a fascinating story and insight into one of the greatest rivalries in world sport. It is a moving story of courage, teamwork and patriotism which is still very relevant today, and which will be enjoyed by all people alike, rugby lovers and otherwise. You will never view a Springbok vs All Black test match in the same light again!

Nick Goldblatt: Investec Private Banking

I have heard Michael Charton’s 1937 talk on the Springboks on two occasions. On both occasions I was enthralled and entertained throughout.

He weaves the personal accounts of the players magnificently into what is ultimately a great sporting story. Michael’s talk comes with my highest recommendation.

Hans Krop: Charles Glass Society (SAB)

It was so much more than the story of the 1937 Springbok tour – it was about our history and heritage, the origins of our traditional rivalry with the All Blacks, the characters of the game, and the sacrifices they made.

All in all, a very human story which made for a special and memorable evening.

Les Balkin: Lereba Export Solutions

The best storyteller I have ever heard. Michael has a rare talent.

Andy Skinstad: CEO – Fonk Mobile

Michael Charton has done our Springbok heritage and legacy a massive favour by digging deeply into facts and anecdotes of an amazing adventure that took place in 1937. It will now remain etched into the history books and South African hearts forever.

I laughed and cried, but most of all I felt an overwhelming sense of pride that these young men were our young men.